Atomic Wallet Exploit Leads to $35M Loss

June 4, 2023 0

Multichain crypto wallet Atomic Wallet has been exploited. Early indications suggest that around $35 million was siphoned. The first signs of the exploits came from users on Crypto Twitter who lamented about losing all their funds and […]

Cardano Price Prediction 2025: Can ADA Hit $10?

TVL Reaches Peak in 2023

June 3, 2023 0

Increasing decentralized finance (DeFi) activity on Cardano has pushed the total value of assets locked on the network to the highest point this year. According to DeFillama data, Cardano’s Total Value Locked (TVL) sits at […]

Phishing Attack Strikes Pepe Holder, Causing $450K Loss

Pepe Memecoin Holder Losses $450K in Phishing Attack

June 3, 2023 0

A memecoin trader lost $453,0000 worth of PEPE to a phishing scam earlier today after clicking on a link that approved a malicious transaction on his wallet. In two transactions, the scammer siphoned more than 356 billion […]


5 Promising Altcoins to Watch in June 2023

May 30, 2023 0

Top 5 altcoins to watch in the crypto market in June 2023: Optimism (OP) will undergo a Mainnet network upgrade. Vega Protocol (VEGA) will greatly reduce its inflation. DSLA Protocol (DSLA) will launch its testnet. […]


TENET Now Trading on KuCoin

May 25, 2023 0

The Seychelles-based exchange Kucoin has added another trading pair to its roster. Users are now able to trade TENET/USD. The exchange is also offering lavish incentives for some of those who deposit and trade. Can […]

Success Stories of Trading Meme Coins

How Ordinary People Became Rich Trading Meme Coins

May 23, 2023 0

Cryptocurrencies known as ‘meme coins’ have been making waves in the financial sector, captivating investors and traders alike. Initially inspired by internet jokes, memes, or other cultural phenomena, these digital currencies have transitioned from mere […]

37 Cryptos Deemed Securities by the SEC: Consequences of Trading Them

Avoid Trading at All Costs

May 19, 2023 0

The line demarcating cryptos and traditional financial instruments has become a source of rigorous debate among market participants and regulators. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has emerged as a central figure in this […]